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I have been procrastinating my “premier blog post” for a couple of weeks now.

By nature, I am a perfectionist! It is often thought that perfectionism is a good thing. And it is, to an extent. The idea of coming up with the perfect blog post, perfect report, perfect <enter final goal here> is far more stressful than just doing it and rolling with the punches, going with the flow.

I learned this in my first year of University; a very hard lesson indeed. In highschool, I rarely (if ever) struggled; assignments and test preparation came easy, and the workload was relatively light. When I started my undergraduate degree, the workload was significantly greater (exponentially so, actually). The material was more challenging and the relationship between professor and student in first year is pretty null. I spent more time stressing about perfection that the thought of starting the task at hand was overwhelming.

Solution? Procrastinate.

Bad Nour, bad!

I, apparently, thought this was a good idea. That is, until my first round of grades were released. Wanting to salvage my GPA, I attended some student study workshops and these shed light on this “perfectionist personality” . I’ve been working really hard since to avoid procrastinating, or at least catch it before it became too late to save myself.

I’ve been good, I swear. (At least when it comes to academic-related tasks).

In complaining talking to Lucky about how I’ve been feeling these past couple of weeks (I utter the phrase “I feel fat” a lot), I’ve realized that procrastination has been at the root of my lack of weight loss, clean eating, and healthy living success.

I lost a fair bit of weight during the summer of 2009. I was able to restrict my diet out of fear that my gallbladder would explode. I was (magically??) able to avoid over-indulgence. Since having my gallbladder removed in December, and recovering from my post-op complication, I have been very lenient with myself. (What happened to the magic? Fear can do wonders, can’t it?!)

I procrastinate when I am overwhelmed.

I have between 40 and 50 pounds of weight to lose. That is a lot of pounds! A very overwhelming number of pounds.

In fact, my goals are beyond just losing a lot of pounds. They are to be fit and to be healthy.

This is a goal that is far more overwhelming than any project, or test, or academic endeavor that I have faced to date and so I have procrastinated it for what I can consider forever.

No more, Nour, no more!

I am going to do as Nike extols and just do it. After all, that is why I set up this blog – a place to share my experiences, my thoughts, and to find motivation.

Please comment below. I’m new to the blog world and I do not feel as though I am a strong writer. Good and bad comments are welcome (how else will I learn?)

Just do it!



Written by Nour

March 16, 2010 at 12:00 am

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