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March Madness

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The title says it all. March is Madness at U of T!



Madness, right? I am overwhelmed with deadlines and assignments and April exam preparation.

Yesterday morning I presented a debate on the issue of soy consumption in post menopausal women for a nutrition course I’m taking. My partner is a self-proclaimed foodie that was already very knowledgeable in the area of vegan dietetics. I learned a lot about soy products, and maybe we can discuss the controversy here. I didn’t realize how deep the controversy is until I started looking at the scientific literature. My conclusions? Know your risks and know your soy.

I have several written papers due as April rolls in and, needless to say, I am stressed. I was really hoping to post more often this week, but I just had too much going on. In addition to finalizing my debate research, I had a quiz this morning to prepare for and a research summary due for tomorrow morning.

Being new to blogging, I’m not sure how to get all my ‘thoughts’ in, how often to blog, etc. I guess it is really up to me.

I want to touch upon my motivation to just do it and get ‘er done but I’m really tired so I’m going to have to put it off for yet another night. Oh, the irony… haha!

Seriously, though, it is 1:02 am where I am! It is time for me to get some shut eye and re-energize for tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!



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March 19, 2010 at 5:05 am

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