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Hi everyone, my name is Nour and I am the creator of the One Fit Chick blog.

I have struggled with disordered eating all my life. I am still struggling with disordered eating and poor body image.  I have put together this blog as a place for me to share my transition into a healthy lifestyle and as an educational resource to share what I learn along the way.

Let me share a little bit about myself with you. I am currently completing an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in the Health Sciences. I am not sure what my academic future holds, but I am certain that I want to pursue a graduate degree. In addition to having a thorough understanding of health and disease, I have spent a great many of hours critically reading health research and writing scientific reviews/reports. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about reading and interpreting the scientific literature that makes it’s way into journals and scientific media. I want to use and improve these skills on One Fit Chick and help clarify some of the confusing details about health and nutrition.

In July of 2009 after a painful, sleepless night that involved a visit to the local hospital Emergency room, I learned that I had gallstones. I’m only 21 years old!! My disordered eating and obesity had actually caught up with me. I kept trying to justify the situation, claiming it was genetic since gallstones seem to be a common occurrence in my mother’s side of the family. But I wasn’t being true to myself; I knew that although genetics may play a role, it was my eating habits and poor food choices that led to the formation of these painful stones in my gallbladder.  I had experienced these discomforting and excruciating gallstone attacks prior to July 2009, but never were they so intense that I shrieked in pain, waking my  parents. I actually never spoke out about them; I always got out of bed, made some peppermint tea, and curled up in bed in discomfort until the pain subsided on it’s own.

After being diagnosed, and having scheduled surgery for December 2009, I avoided fat-rich foods and joined my local gym. I lost about 18-20 pounds by working out and having cut out fatty foods that may upset my stomach and induce a gallstone attack. I didn’t eat cakes, cookies, ice cream, full-fat dairy, fries (anything fried), creamy pastas…you get the idea. Trust me, when you experience a gallstone attack you’ll do anything in your power to avoid one!

Summer 2009 was very exciting for me. I had been given the opportunity to work with a prominent physician and researcher at the University Health Network in Toronto. I have a low self-esteem and poor self-confidence; I was very nervous. Only about a month and a half into the project that I was assigned, my principle investigator and the clinical fellow I was working with decided that my contributions to the paper have been noteworthy and, as a result, would include me as an author of the end-product. I am getting published! This was really a confidence boost, and I walked around with a little pep in my step. Exercise energized me, and I was really happy with where I was in my life. I also met someone that I would later (September 2009, to be exact) discover to be the love of my life…

I had also been dealing with a break-up at the time. The situation was emotionally draining for me and, although I was losing weight and generally feeling good, I would have days when it was really difficult to cope with my emotions. These were the days that I would struggle the most with disordered eating. I would overindulge in foods and feel an immense amount of guilt as a result. Being so angry with myself,  I would promise myself not to eat too much the next day and to hit the gym “hardcore” (?, whatever it was that I meant by that, haha). What a vicious cycle this was because if I slipped up the next day, I would be upset, and indulge since “I screwed up anyway”.  I can’t say I’m entirely free of this cycle, but I’ve been better about dealing with my emotions.

I started the 2009-2010 academic year year with more confidence than ever before, a new love interest, and all smiles. In November things weren’t as fun. After a night out with my friends and a sensible meal (at least I think it was sensible…?), I couldn’t sleep. I was in pain, but the pain wasn’t gallbladder pain. It was worse, much worse! For a whole week, Monday to Friday, my parents drove me around from my family doctor, to the local Emergency room, to walk-in clinics, and again to my family doctor and to Emerg. I was experiencing extreme abdominal pain that no over-the-counter painkiller could relieve. I wasn’t eating but vomited all the Gatorade and Gravol my parents gave me, no matter how slowly I sipped on it. They wouldn’t even give me painkillers in the hospital because they didn’t know what the source of the pain was; they feared if something inside of me ruptured, and they had given me painkillers, I wouldn’t feel it = bad news for me! After numerous bloodtests, xrays, and ultrasounds, the on-call general surgeon sent me for a CT-scan. After struggling to drink the oral contrast (my sister patiently gave me sip every minute), I went for the CT-scan. The CT assisted diagnosis? A gallbladder infection. I was immediately admitted, put on two different IV antibiotics, and given relief (morphine!!). I finally got some rest. I was in the hospital for 4 days while the infection subsided. I was on oral antibiotics for three weeks after being discharged and I had surgery, as previously scheduled, in the morning on Christmas Eve. After surgery, I had a post-op complication, and an abscess formed at one of the incision point. It was the size of an apricot pit and I had to visit my family doctor twice a week during January 2010 to have it drained and packed (gross and painful!).

This was quite the experience for me. I have studied in great detail the effects of obesity on overall health and well-being. I know that the poor decisions that I have made in the past, and admittedly still make today, have affected my body, my health, and even how I perceive myself. I know better and yet it is so hard for me to make positive changes and healthy lifestyle choices, especially when I lose control of my emotions. I don’t know why it is hard, but I hope that sharing my experiences on this blog will help me overcome the obstacles and maybe even guide others that share this struggle with me.

Fun Facts About Me:

Location: Ontario, Canada

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Status: in a relationship with the love of my life, Lucky (his nickname)

Occupation: student, part-time supervisor

Obsessions: loose leaf tea, avocados, nailpolish, and The Body Shop

Vice: Lindt chocolates

For fun: spending time with Lakhwinder and my friends & family, youtube, reading, making earrings, google!

Love: purple, sushi, Lush shampoo bars, music that makes me want to dance gracelessly, fruit smoothies, chicken, and oatmeal

Hate: lies, intolerance

Note: I have never been a star in creative writing. I hope maintaining this blog will also serve as a creative outlet and allow me to further develop my writing skills and improve my written communication.


Written by Nour

March 1, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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