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Think Positive!

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A couple posts ago I wrote about how I’ve been putting off my weight loss and wellbeing goals.

Part of the reason I’ve been so good at procrastinating this aspect of my life is the lack of positive thinking.

“I won’t succeed, therefore I will not try.”

It is a fear of failure (and laziness) that makes this logic very appealing. It is very challenging to balance my work and academic responsibilities with life (Lucky, friends, family, and me time) in addition  to routinely working out at the gym and planning my meals to avoid binges. It is easier not to try, especially when you’re prone to negative thinking (as I am).

Who said this was going to be easy? No one (although, one can argue that the media makes this claim).

I read a post recently on ZenHabits titled “How to be a Positive Person, in under 300 words“, coincidently only a day or two since I made my first commitment to just do it. Leo’s suggestions will serve as a constant reminder for myself:

Realize it’s possible, instead of telling yourself why you can’t.
aware of your self-talk.
Squash negative thoughts like a bug.
Replace them with positive thoughts.
Love what you have already.
Be grateful for your life, your gifts, and other people.
Every day.
Focus on what you have, not on what you haven’t.
Don’t compare yourself to others.
But be inspired by them.
Accept criticism with grace.
But ignore the naysayers.
See bad things as a blessing in disguise.
See failure as a stepping stone to success.
Surround yourself by those who are positive.
Complain less, smile more.
Image that you’re already positive.
Then become that person in your next act.

The biggest challenge for me is dealing with my negative thoughts and reminding myself that failure is a stepping stone to success, it is experience that teaches you. I think this blog will help me with this because although I’ve thought about having my own blog for a good 2-3 years I’m only working on one now. I was discouraged out of fear that my writing style was inadequate. I will get better; one spelling error at a time, one blog post at a time…

What is most challenging for you? Do you find it difficult to think positive, especially on a rainy day?



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March 22, 2010 at 8:22 pm

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Just Do It

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I have been procrastinating my “premier blog post” for a couple of weeks now.

By nature, I am a perfectionist! It is often thought that perfectionism is a good thing. And it is, to an extent. The idea of coming up with the perfect blog post, perfect report, perfect <enter final goal here> is far more stressful than just doing it and rolling with the punches, going with the flow.

I learned this in my first year of University; a very hard lesson indeed. In highschool, I rarely (if ever) struggled; assignments and test preparation came easy, and the workload was relatively light. When I started my undergraduate degree, the workload was significantly greater (exponentially so, actually). The material was more challenging and the relationship between professor and student in first year is pretty null. I spent more time stressing about perfection that the thought of starting the task at hand was overwhelming.

Solution? Procrastinate.

Bad Nour, bad!

I, apparently, thought this was a good idea. That is, until my first round of grades were released. Wanting to salvage my GPA, I attended some student study workshops and these shed light on this “perfectionist personality” . I’ve been working really hard since to avoid procrastinating, or at least catch it before it became too late to save myself.

I’ve been good, I swear. (At least when it comes to academic-related tasks).

In complaining talking to Lucky about how I’ve been feeling these past couple of weeks (I utter the phrase “I feel fat” a lot), I’ve realized that procrastination has been at the root of my lack of weight loss, clean eating, and healthy living success.

I lost a fair bit of weight during the summer of 2009. I was able to restrict my diet out of fear that my gallbladder would explode. I was (magically??) able to avoid over-indulgence. Since having my gallbladder removed in December, and recovering from my post-op complication, I have been very lenient with myself. (What happened to the magic? Fear can do wonders, can’t it?!)

I procrastinate when I am overwhelmed.

I have between 40 and 50 pounds of weight to lose. That is a lot of pounds! A very overwhelming number of pounds.

In fact, my goals are beyond just losing a lot of pounds. They are to be fit and to be healthy.

This is a goal that is far more overwhelming than any project, or test, or academic endeavor that I have faced to date and so I have procrastinated it for what I can consider forever.

No more, Nour, no more!

I am going to do as Nike extols and just do it. After all, that is why I set up this blog – a place to share my experiences, my thoughts, and to find motivation.

Please comment below. I’m new to the blog world and I do not feel as though I am a strong writer. Good and bad comments are welcome (how else will I learn?)

Just do it!


Written by Nour

March 16, 2010 at 12:00 am